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4 Ways to Plot Your Novel

The early parts of tackling a writing project can be a daunting task, especially when you’re still developing your writing progress.

In the early stages of an idea, a writer typically has an idea of a story they want to write. If you’ve already developed your process, this can seem like a breeze, but for a new writer this can be time consuming. If you’re a new writer trying to figure out how to develop your plot, here are some ideas on how you can organize your next novel.

Write the important scenes first

An alternative to writing a story in chronological order is focus on writing he important scenes only. This could be the no going back moments, battle scenes, or even the resolution. Focusing on the big scenes first can help you shape the progress of your novel and make it easier for you to go back and connect the scenes.

Write the scenes as they come to you

Sometimes trying to figure out the progress of a novel can be tough. Rather than focusing on how to make the plot flow, focus on whatever comes to you instead. This can be fun if you’re still experimenting with your plot. Whether it’s a big scene or a small scene, just forget whether it fits and focus on getting the scene down to paper. This method can help you figure out where the plot can go or even inspire a new direction.


Another way to organize your novel is to do a plot outline. This is one of the most common ways to organize your novel, and if you look online you’ll find plenty of worksheets you can print out and use. Novel outlines typically refer to an inverted checkmark to help you figure out which scenes will be the buildup, the climax, or the resolution. It’s a very simplified way of looking at your novel, so if you prefer to use this overview method then checking out some of the online worksheets will help.

Write the last scene first

Sometimes writing can be like driving a car. If you don’t know your destination, then what’s the use of getting in the car and driving? Figuring out your ending can help a writer figure out what comes before. For some writers, having an ending set can help them determine what needs to happen in earlier scenes and make it easier to develop your plot.

When it comes to plotting novels, everyone is different. Some writers may find these tips, or a combination of these tips, to be an extremely helpful way to figure out their novel’s plot. It’s good to keep in mind that everyone’s process is different, and it may take awhile to figure out exactly what works in your process. Let us know if any of these tricks work for you, or if you would like to share another way to plot your novel, then leave a comment down below.

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