Modern Writers: The Best Apps for Poets in 2018

When it comes to writing, phones can be an amazing resource for authors. I have seen plenty of apps recommended for choosing character names, organizing story plot, or sparking your inspiration for your great work! While there is plenty of talk about apps for writing, there is less buzz about apps for poetry. For any poet looking for inspiration or just to get their creative flow going, here are the best apps for poets in 2018 to keep on your phone.

Get Inspired on Poem Hunter

Poem Hunter has a huge archive of poetry to look over if you need to find some inspiration. Although, if you’re ever in the mood to be spontaneous, tapping on the Random Poem icon allows for you to get a work you may not have read before (and you might find a new favorite poet)!

Create with Creative Writer

Some of the best works are created by accident. Creative Writer is totally fun in the fact that it only lets you make poetry with a collection of words. That’s right! No keypad, no typing! Use the words they give you to create a poem. And who knows, maybe you’ll create your next masterpiece. (FYI, if you do, don’t forget to submit to Capulet Mag

Merge Poetry and Art with Instant Poetry 2

For those who may be interested in Creative Writer, but also MUST make their works aesthetic for social media (we totally get it!), this is the app for you. Instant Poetry 2 allows you to download photos from your camera roll and then picks out a set of words for you to make a poem. When you’ve created your accidental genius of a poem, you’re ready to post on social media! 

Explore New Poets with the Poetry Magazine App

Most poetry apps only archive older poems and poets, so if you’re interested in looking into newer works then the Poetry Magazine App is a must! This app specifically allows you to look at current and past editions of the Poetry Magazine. While some editions cost money (a measly $2.99) others are available for free. This app is the perfect place to read works by your own contemporaries and perhaps find some inspiration!

Hopefully, these apps make your poetry journey both easier and way more fun than it already is! For any extra inspiration make sure to take a look at our Fall edition for FREE online and keep your eyes peeled for our next edition out soon!


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