Best Bookstores to Follow on Instagram

For anyone obsessed with books, Instagram can be one of the best tools to fuel your obsession. You can share cute photos of what you’re currently reading or bookmark some new recommendations. While #Bookstagram is cool and all, I’m currently digging bookstore accounts. Bookish accounts tend to promote the same types of books over and over, and it can get repetitive. When you follow bookstores, you’re introduced to a more diverse group of books. If you’re on the prowl for some new book accounts to follow on Instagram, then you should definitely follow these bookstores:

Black Bird Bookstore

If you love an aesthetic Instagram feed then this is the perfect account to follow. Not only are their pictures amazing, they also give some really offbeat book recommendations! So you won’t just get a good looking feed, but some suggestions you might not have heard of.


Books Are Magic

This cute little bookstore is tucked somewhere in Brooklyn, New York. They totally kill their Instagram game with stories for staff picks, events to attend (if you live nearby), and tempting pictures of their store merch! Their upbeat attitude about books is infectious. If you love an interactive feed this is the store to follow.

Shakespeare & Company

For any bookstore fans that love a place with a little history, then you should make a beeline for the Shakespeare & Company Instagram account. This place was huge during the Modernist movement (circa 1920) and inspired authors like Ernest Hemmingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and James Joyce!

Persephone Bookstore

This bookstore is known for republishing mid-twentieth century writers (mostly women!). If you love to read older books, by women, then this is the perfect account for you. Not only will you get amazing pics on your feed, but you might find the next book on your TBR list.

Literati Bookstore 

For anyone who’d like a quaint feel to their Insta feed then following Literati Bookstore is a must. While they do have pics of the store and staff recommendations (as any bookstore does), they also have cute photos of their hometown (Ann Arbor) that’ll make you want to pack up and move over there.


Your Local Bookstore

As fun as it is to swoon over bookstores miles (or even countries) away, there could also be an amazing bookstore right around the corner. Get to know some of the independent bookstores in your area. Not only might you find a new amazing hangout, but you’ll keep alive these cozy communities for book lovers. 

If you have any recommendations then leave a comment below to share it with others.

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