Where to Find Cheap Books Online

Trying to find cheap books can seem like an impossible task. Like any other diehard book lover, I want to get my hands on as many physical books as possible. Especially when I see one with an amazing cover; But, I’m also (unfortunately) not rich. It can seem impossible to keep up with new releases and not go broke. So here are some websites where you can find cheap books online, so you can keep living your book loving life!

Thrift Books

Thrift Books sells anything from new to used. Similar to Amazon, you can pick your preference of wear and tear (or the lack of), but unlike Amazon, you get free standard shipping after spending $10 (anything below is a mere 0.99 cents, a steal right?).


If you prefer your books new but lament over the $19.99 price tag that usually accompanies it, then lament no more! Bookoutlet is the perfect solution for those who like their books in almost perfect condition. The catch? The books are marked on the edges by publishers to indicate these books are returns or overstock.

Half Price Books

Unlike the previous sites listed, Half Price Books is an amazing place to find contemporary books for cheap. You might have to wait a little while after it’s published date, but the prices are so worth it.


The rock bottom of all rock bottom prices. If you book budget is literally nickel and dimes then Alibris is the best choice. Its prices are so low you won’t have a problem even when they throw those shipping costs in. Alibris is one of the best places to find cheap books online.

Finding contemporary cheap books can be an amazing find. Are there any other places you use to find cheap books? Leave a comment below and share your finds!

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