Fall 2017 / Volume 1

A love letter from fair Verona.

Capulet Magazine started as a small idea mentioned only in passing. She quickly grew into the strong, independent woman we know her to be today. We both agreed having a space where young women could express their creativity was important. Especially today. Capulet Mag was created with the intention of supporting young female creators from all backgrounds and walks of life. This is more than a magazine. It's the high school friend you text after midnight when you still feel the coffee you drank at 8 pm buzzing through your veins. It's the look you share with the only other girl on the subway. It's the drunk girl in the bar bathroom that you bond with over your cute skirt. It's a voice for young women around the world, and we hope you find a friend in Capulet Mag.

Oh, and a big thank you to all of our inaugural contributors. You're, like, really pretty. 

India Ink 5 (Ink Print)

Cover Artist
Janelle Cordero is an expressionist artist in favor of minimalism and negative space. Her work has been featured in galleries from Washington to West Virginia, as well as published in numerous journals and anthologies.


I asked my dad if he was happy I was born

"Aphrodite came from foam, but me ­- I from a rib.
Like Eve and Snow White, I was built to devour,"

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I was voted most likely to be a housewife

"Those who hate my apple pie
have never been in love"

Poetry / Read Here

Megan Moore is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry at Miami University. She is a dance teacher and coach during the day, a starving poet at night, and a hopeless romantic all the time.

Madeleine Poole is an eighteen-year-old aspiring writer from Raleigh, NC. You can find more of her work in The Craft Journal, Canvas Literary Journal, and Girls Right the World. 

For the Moment

"I feel warm. As if it is moving day and I am saying goodbye to my childhood home, lying on my pouched stomach and kneading holes in the egg-shell colored carpet left by our furniture like footprints or crumbs. As if I am having lunch with my childhood best friend and the silence is deafening, but then she reminds me of a time when we were young and have yet to make a real mistake, and we laugh a nostalgic and melancholic laugh..."

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Madeleine Werner is a current student at Umass Amherst originally from Northshore Mass. She enjoys writing outside, eating smores, and spending time with her dog, Bernie.

Elegy for Half-Eaten Apples

"And again, many years
later, I’m still running,
not to but from
now most likely"

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Warmth (35mm film)

Carolina Alamilla is currently a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) candidate at Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX), where she focuses on function and surface design in ceramics. She received her BFA in Ceramics and Printmaking from University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. She experiments in other mediums such as photography and textiles to further her research of home and memory.

Carey Cecelia Shook is a senior studying creative writing and publishing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is the Editor in Chief of Atlantis, the campus creative magazine. After graduation, she plans on moving to New York City to work in publishing and writing to raise awareness for mental illnesses.

A Guilty Pleasure

"My mom taught me how to make mixed drinks when I was eight years old. She likes White Russians: a quarter vodka, a quarter Kahlua, and the rest milk. She drinks them out of coffee mugs through a straw and only with crushed ice. As a kid, she never had to tell me not to drink out of it. Now that I’m in college, she’s happy when I’m home because I mix them better than my dad..."

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Self-Portrait (Watercolor on Paper)

Kimberly Pitzrick is a full-time artist who works every day to express herself in various ways such as painting and writing poetry. She believes that each voice has great significance. Her work has appeared in various art shows as well as publications. 


"And she holds her liquor like a man,
And she thinks if she stops drinking he’ll stop looking.
He pours the Georgi freely into her open mouth
And his hands show her how impressed he is."

Poetry / Read Here

Cara Sennott is a New York City-based poet and recent graduate of both Hofstra University and Columbia Teachers College. This year, her poetry has been featured in Cicada Magazine, Light: A Journal of Photography & Poetry, and Into the Void Magazine. She is grateful and humbled to be a part of the first edition of Capulet Mag!

Next Year I'll Change

"I love kids, and my single greatest complaint about most parties I go to is that no one is under 12. I love my best friend because she hates parties, but she’ll also lend me a kid to take to a party if I don’t want to feel alone. She has four, all of them accidents, and all available for short-term loans on short notice. I got Ty today..."

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Avi-Yona Israel is a researcher living in Philadelphia, PA. When she is not working on her Ph.D. dissertation, she writes short stories for print, performance, and exhibitions.

Luas (Photography)

Lizzy Nichols is currently studying her masters in literature at Trinity College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Her writing has previously appeared in Prompt Literary Magazine, Cardinal Sins, Inklette Magazine, The RavensPerch, and The Offbeat.


"i carry her on my lips and knees,
when i get scrapes on them
i hear her laugh as she weaves new skin for me
the laugh i never heard reach the air,
speaks inside my cells"

Poetry / Read Here

The Serpent in the Basket

"It was a wide, sea green river from which the basket came. The water spun the tall green basket, woven so delicately, hobbled into the arms of one of the many hands that were drawing water from within..."

Fiction / Read Here

Marley Korzen has been writing her entire life. Her work was featured in the Literary Journals, The Claremont Review and Brown University's Journal: The Round. She is the author of her poetry book, Heartlines which is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She lives in Santa Barbara, CA.

Lost Angeles

"I lost
Your voice

Poetry / Read Here

Laney Burrell is a recent grad from Flagler College, where she majored in English and minored in creative writing. She’s incredibly honored to be a part of Capulet Mag’s first edition! Her work has been published by Local Wolves, The Missing Slate, and FLARE.



"I will talk to you only in brush strokes from now on
paint morse code against the inside pink of my belly
— the swimming sea-salt of me."

Poetry / Read Here

Roseanna Alice Boswell is a poetry MFA candidate at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Her work has appeared or will appear soon in Driftwood Press, Maudlin House, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Glittermob, and elsewhere. Roseanna is currently acting as Managing Editor for the Mid-American Review.