Spring 2018 / Volume 2

Letter from the Editors

We were supposed to go to Paris. We’d been planning this Spring Break trip since November. We got the best flight deal, the hostels were booked, and it was supposed to be perfect. When we got a text message 12 hours before our flight letting us know it’d been canceled, we weren’t taking no for an answer. Less than a day and so many phone calls later, we found ourselves on board Norwegian Airlines Flight Number 7166 from Orlando to London. We traded the Eiffel Tower for a scaffolding-clad Big Ben. From raging about Jane Austen’s tiny plaque in the Poets’ Corner of Westminster to searching for Sylvia Plath’s favorite statue at Cambridge, we lived our trip to the fullest.

In honor of our Paris trip that never was and the great English adventure it turned out to be, this edition is dedicated to all the women of yesterday and today who simply won’t take no for an answer. Life can be a mess and there are some moments when you think ‘I can’t deal with this! I’m in way over my head’. This edition says: Speak up, stand up, and be as loud as you can in your writings, your art, and your life. Thank you for making our first edition such a success. Thank you for being crazy enough to do it again. I’ll leave you with three universal truths. Some flights will get canceled. Iced coffee is never a good idea in Europe. And your best adventures can’t be planned.

Mind the gap,

I Want My MTV

"Someone direct my life like a music video
All hazy rock
And neon city blocks
Long winding roads with arms outstretched as I catch coastal breezes
And desert dust clouds in open palms..."

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Kay Vandette is a freelance writer, blogger, author, and poet. She draws inspiration from her travels, her experiences, and her passion for equality and women’s rights.

Snake Plant

"She was really bad about picking at scabs. She'd never had a pimple she didn't pop. She'd never had a mosquito bite she didn't scratch raw. She'd never had a hangnail she didn't peel back. When someone didn't want to talk about it, she kept asking..."

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Lara Connolly is a San Francisco Bay Area native and holds a B.A. in English from the University of San Francisco. Some of her other work can be found in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Milk Journal, and Five on the Fifth.

Jessica Minyard is a student advocate by day and a writer by night and all times in between. Her short fiction has appeared in Slink Chunk Press and Flash Fiction Magazine, and she’s currently an MFA candidate at Lindenwood University. Jessica just recently released a children’s picture book, which she, thankfully, didn’t illustrate.

Portrait of a Girl

"Small screen
Dark square
Black mirror
A severed-head selfie..."

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Madeleine Gallo is currently a first year MA student at Wake Forest University. Her work has appeared in Susquehanna Review: Apprentice Writer, Fermata, Sun and Sandstone, Belle Reve Literary Journal, The Pylon, Sigma Tau Delta Review, Into the Void, Oyster River Pages, Litro, and Rattle. After graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in Contemporary American Poetry.

To be or not to be-


The broken knob on the washing machine, the wrrr-wrrr-wrrr sound when it won’t open and your clothes are locked inside, your period coming too early, your period not coming at all, having a period, three missed phone-calls, phone calls giving you anxiety..."

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She Said

"I. All the Girls Were Doing It

On the bed. On the floor. In the shower. In the backseat of mama’s car. Hell, anywhere that was quiet enough for five minutes. All the girls were doing it. You didn’t want to be the girl who wasn’t doing it, and if you weren’t doing it, you would be shunned like that poor girl Chastity—who’s date left her walking for miles on the muddy streets because she wouldn’t do it..."

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Zoe Nicewander is studying Creative Writing at Shepherd University. “She Said” is the first short-story she’s ever brought into the light. When she’s not writing, she’s drawing, enjoying nature, or taking photos of the beautiful world that surrounds her.


"Honey seeps through hexagons,
sextets of geometric crust.
But hexes are words
she whispers in my ear;"

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Erynn Pontius works at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. She graduated with honors from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Rhetoric Studies and a minor in Creative Writing. Most recently, her poems and short stories have been featured in The Hungry Chimera, The Canticle, and Burning House Press.

Venus in Burs / Watercolor

Molly Risley is an artist living in Chicago, IL. She draws inspiration from her experiences living abroad in China and Brazil, clearance sales at Michael’s and nature. Her work is known for being bright, psychedelic and sometimes including poetry.

Tessa Livingstone is an MFA candidate at Portland State University, where she teaches poetry writing and serves as poetry editor for the Portland Review. Her poems have most recently appeared in Five:2:One Magazine, Geometry Literary Journal, and Whiskey Island Magazine. She enjoys engaging the transformative and macabre in her work, with a focus on both natural and surreal subjects.

Glasgow, 1948

"A bald sleek body
flows from me.

No fingers,
no toes."

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Through Her Eyes

"My grandmother’s living room sits like a shrine of family history in front of me. Vacation candids and graduation portraits stare back from their placement on the walls, hanging like movie posters. Shelves upon shelves sit lined with rows of faces in aged metal frames; some depictions are black and white while others stand out in vibrant color..."

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Colby Hoffman is a current undergraduate at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, studying Communications and Sociology. She is originally from Hingham, Massachusetts and is the current Editor-in-Chief of an online collegiate magazine staff and will be interning for Boston Magazine in Summer 2018. She hopes to pursue writing and become a published creative nonfiction author in the future.


"New Orleans, takeoff
in something like 60 minutes.
It’s recommended to eat something first
cheese grits – cheese G.R.I.T.S.
for Girls Raised In The South..."

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Elisabeth Walt Reynolds is a hobby-writer born and raised in Waynesville, a small town in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Themes of social issues, mundanities, and qualities of timelessness are some things that fascinate her and are facets that she attempts to explore in her poetic work. Elisabeth recently graduated from the University of North Carolina and was granted Honors for her thesis of original poetry, and now lives in Scotland along the coast.

Samantha Tetrault is an editor of Capulet Mag and hopes her creative nonfiction is good enough to appear alongside such a long list of talented writers! She writes full-time from her home in Orlando, Florida, and her writing has appeared in Goliad Review and the American Book Review.

The Paris Metro, 2 AM

"The Paris metro doesn’t close at 2:00 am, as advertised, but actually at 1:50 am. I learned this the hard way, arms flailing, heart pounding, breath racing down the stairwell towards the next train platform. A kind-faced police officer twirled his keys around a finger, head shaking back and forth as he saw me approach..."

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Diana Humble is a 19-year-old Creative Writing, Communications, and English major at Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa. She hails from Stewartville, Minnesota and enjoys inducing early arthritis via her Guitar Hero addiction in her free time.

Dragon Tales

"I'm staring into the eyes of a boy that just professed his love for me—my first real boyfriend—and all I can think about are dragons. The words seep out of him slowly. “I love you.” They are thick and heavy, like globs of tar leeching from his lungs. His shoulders visibly rise, like those three little words—eight letters—had weighed more than an oil tanker..."

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A Stream of Thoughts While Listening to Black Magic Woman

"I dream in multiples. I wake each time unmoving,
with the same energy and sweat from the last one..."

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Patience Hopkins is a graduate from the University of South Florida with her BA in English/Creative Writing. She has written most of her life; her lyrical writing consists of her love for women and her dreams. Patience now resides in Tampa, Florida where she is preschool teacher and tutor during the days when she is not always in her head.

Bleeding Love

"I wanted to write you a letter, my love,
To tell you of how I’ve longed to see you
This yearning is a lot deeper than I would want..."

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Hillary I. Essien is a blooming young lady who struggles to get a law degree during the day and creates while the world sleeps. She loves poetry that makes her believe in things.

Tori Bryl is from Palm Coast, Florida and studies creative writing at the University of Central Florida. Her poetry is featured or will be featured in Aeolus, Foliate Oak, and Bridge.

In Memory Of

"It is December.
It is winter.
The sky and water blend together
in a gray painting only..."

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Rose Engelfried is currently completing her MFA in fiction at Western Washington University. She hopes to teach and write for the rest of her life, and will be pursuing this goal at Florida State University this fall.

Just Breathe

"You’re eleven when you start running, one week after your mom’s funeral. Your dad has been sober for six days. Last night you watched him pour the last Jack Daniel’s down the drain. Later, in bed, you pretended not to hear the glass breaking..."

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