Volume 5

Editor’s Note

Capulet Mag is over two years old! It’s hard to imagine life before Capulet Mag. For every new edition, we wonder: What new writer will move us? What new artist will catch our breath? Like children before Christmas, we desperately wish we could sneak a glimpse at what we will receive. Our faithful contributors have always given us better and better work, and we are delirious with the luck we’ve had. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

With a new decade ahead of us, we’re proud to cultivate a new canon of women’s literature. If Capulet Mag stands for anything, it’s that young writers deserve to be heard despite their age or inexperience. While womanhood may sound like a narrow definition, our contributors and readers show the multitudes it defines. Thank you for trusting us with your creativity, your vulnerability, and your honesty.

Love always,

Isabelle & Sam

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