Writer’s Website Guide 2018: How To Make A Free Writing Portfolio

So I recently took a big step in my writing career. I decided I needed to get serious and make my own website. Now, I know when writers talk about become serious with your creative writing they usually stick to the topics of discipline, dealing with rejection, and submitting manuscripts. There are very few writer’s website guides. Very rarely do authors talk about the importance of creating a website.

I know what some of you writers are thinking: what’s so important about having a website? Having a website is a perfect answer to a world that is becoming more technological. With a website, you are given the space to discuss yourself, what you’re working on, as well as your social accounts and how individuals can contact you. Unlike a traditional business card, having a website allows you to reach a larger audience.

Now that you understand why websites are important for writers, you might be wondering ‘how can I make a website?’ Well, don’t worry because it’s not as intimidating as you think! Even if you’re broke, you can set up your own online digital writing portfolio!

Get a domain 

One of the first things you should do when making a website is buy a domain name. I know, I know, I said this would be a writer’s website guide for a free website! Trust me, it’s cheap and it’s worth it. Websites like Namecheap or Godaddy allow you to snag a domain of your name for a low price (around $10 a year). With a domain, you can create your website. You don’t need to be a coding guru or anything fancy to get started!

Writer's Website Guide 2018

Free Blogging Sites  

If you are unable to scrape enough money to get a domain name, blogging websites are a perfect substitute! While not as professional as paid domains and hosting, websites like Tumblr, WordPress, or Carrd allow you to create a subdomain of your own. Although it won’t be as clean as [yourname].com and it would be more like [yourname] Bonus: these websites are super easy to use if you don’t have a ton of time for set up!

Want a complete list of free blogging websites? These are perfect for writers:

  • Tumblr – Did you know Tumblr was about more than pretty pictures? You can use Tumblr to share your work all in one place and network with other magazines and writers!
  • WordPress – Not to be confused with which requires your own hosting, is a traditional framework that’s perfect for publications and writers!
  • Carrd – If you can’t compromise on style, Carrd specializes in modern, mobile-optimized design for simple websites. It’s perfect for your digital portfolio!
  • Wix – You’ve probably seen all the Wix commercials recently, but they’re actually onto something. With fully customizable themes, you can make something really spectacular with Wix!
  • Clippings – Clippings was created with writers in mind! It’s easy to add your own clips and the basic version is free!
  • Pressfolios – Like Clippings, Pressfolios is made for writers. It’s very basic so even the tech-adverse can figure it out! Plus, the basic version is free!

If these websites above don’t fit your tastes, just take a look around on the internet. There are plenty of other sites that could offer premade sites that you might feel comfortable with!

Build Your Writer’s Website

For those who are not savvy with coding, don’t stress! There are plenty of websites that help you create the layout of your site, and some even allow you to pick and customize from templates. The websites I mentioned before (Tumblr, Carrd, and WordPress…) are just some examples of sites with templates you could work with.

Getting started on a website isn’t as intimidating as it might seem, and it’s definitely something in your best interest. Don’t forget to share your website with other writers in the comment section below (with any other questions you might have)!


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